1969 Z/28 Cross Ram
What does it take to be considered rare among rare Muscle Cars?

How about a correct date coded GM Cross-Ram Z/28?

When GM's "Skunk-Works" decided they needed a little more zip
out it's 302 to be competitive in S.C.C.A T/A racing they developed
the Cross-Ram induction set-up. But, in order to be sanctioned, the
set-up needed to be available to the general public. Due to certain
restrictions GM wouldn't build the cars with the intakes installed, so
if you ordered this option, it came in the trunk to be put on after the

This car is as clean and correct as the day it was new and has just
over 16,000 original miles. It has been featured in several
magazines including
Camaro Performers and was featured on the
cover of
Hemming's Muscle Machines.

The car has won multiple awards including Best in Class, Most
Attention to Detail and Editor's Choice at the 2002
Super Chevy
in Pomona, Ca.

The car was also a featured display at the Marconi Automotive
Museum in Tustin, CA for one year.
Dave's 1969 Z/28
was invited to join
some of Orange
County's finest
collectible cars at
the Marconi
Museum In Tustin

The Museum
houses some of the
most legendary
cars ever driven,
including early
American Muscle,
exotic super-cars,
and world famous
racing machines.

This fantastic
Bow-Tie represents
both Chevrolet
Muscle and
dominance in S.C.C.A
Trans-Am racing in
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