Speed Shop
Muscle Car Cafe
This is the Speed Shop and Muscle Car Cafe'. This is where Dave displays his ever growing
collection of vintage speed equipment and collectibles, including gauges, vintage drag racing
pictures, a rare GM Cowl Induction Plenum, and many other cool items,
Cool vintage gauges. Some in the original packaging!
There's unique and rare items everywhere you look. Note
the small block intake manifold. There's easier ways to get
a lot of fuel/air into your engine, but they ain't THIS COOL!!
On the left is the NAPA clock I mentioned
on the previous page. Every now and
then it'll run backwards. When some one
points out to Dave that the clocking is
going backwards, Dave simply replies "Of
course it is, we're all going back in time
when we're at Dave's man cave!!"

By the way, the phone works, but we had
to disconnect it because no one knew
how to use the rotary dial!

Don't eat the gum drops!
Click the door below to enter the GM Car Care