Past Cars Page 2
A few more cars that have passed through the garage....
1955 Chevy 4 door wagon. A nice beach
cruiser complete with Hula Girl on the dash!
Another Kool Streetrod.

This is one you don't see every day, a 1937 Packard 120-B! I had heard about this car for years, but had never seen it until Dave found
some pictures buried in a box somewhere.

The car ran a 454 Chevy, TH350, Ford 9" & front disc brakes. The car also had A/C,  leather interior, a rumble seat AND a golf club trunk!

I sure wish I had been around for all the fun!
Dave was gracious enough to let my wife & I keep and show this car for a while. It was a 1966 Ford Falcon Sport Coupe
with a factory 289/4 speed! It was eventually sold and shipped to Australia where Falcons RULE!!