The Garage Continued.......
To the left is part of Dave's
collection of vintage fender
covers & the
Pep Boys-Manny, Moe & Jack.

The Champion Spark Plug
cabinet is the piece that
started the entire collection.

Dave found it at a sale many
years ago and thought it would
make a cool storage cabinet in
his garage at home.

Many years and a couple of
dollars later...Viola! Man Cave
Coolness LIVES!
To the right are more cabinets,
service station displays, vintage
garage clocks & thermometers
and the primary work space for
the Garage.

It's worth noting that all of the
cabinet for the
"special clock"). More on that
later when we tour the Muscle
Car Cafe'!
More cool displays. Check out the
vintage Delco Battery rack! As
mentioned, all of the displays are
the real thing, no repop!

Whenever possible Dave tries to
keep the actual vintage parts in the
displays. So the Tung-sol light bulb
display is full of vintage light bulbs
(they come in handy often), the
Stant radiator/oil cap display is full
of vintage radiator/oil caps, etc....
Click on the door below to enter the
Speed Shop & Muscle Car Cafe'
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