Dave's Man Cave
Dave recently purchased a new building. One side houses the Construction business offices, but
he bigger portion was set aside for his man cave. The man cave is separated into three areas:
Garage which will hold up to five cars, and has plenty of room for signs & automobillia. The
Speed Shop/Muscle Car Cafe', which is used as a place to gather with friends as well as being
used to display early go-fast goodies and speed equipment. Finally there's the
Garage Office
which is set up with displays of tools, collectibles and other cool stuff.
The Garage
Dave spent years collecting
bits & pieces of automobile
related items & signs, mostly
from the '60's & &'70's.

Unfortunatley he never had
one place to display it all.
Now every wall is covered
with current signs with only a
few areas left to add new
ones as they come along.
The pictures don't quite do the
signs justice. The Shell sign
measures 6' high by 5' wide. The
Firestone sign is over 8' long. The
Texaco sign is over 6' long and
weighs about 200lbs. (that was a
fun one to hang!).

All of these signs are original, no
reproductions allowed!
Check out the COOL Video that
Tony at Blacktop Media did for

THANKS T-Bone!!!