1966 L79 Chevy Nova
Pictures courtesy of Taki & Daytona Magazine.
1966 Nova Super Sport
Documented L79 327/350 H.P.

In 1966 Chevrolet introduced the redesigned Nova.
Chevrolet built only 3,547 L79 Nova SS cars in 1966.
The "big News" was the L79 option which was a 327
cu. in. engine with 350 horsepower. It had large 2.02
valves, aluminum intake, Holley carburetor, 11:1
compression pistons, high lift camshaft a 4 speed
(only) transmission.

In stock trim, and at only 2,880 lbs., the L79 Nova
would do the quarter-mile in the 14 second range.
With "bolt-on" modifications it would easily cover
the quarter-mile in 12 seconds.

The L79 earned the knick-name "Giant Killer" and
could easily beat most big block cars of the era,
including the 426 Hemi! Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins held
the NHRA class world record in 1966 with his 1966
L79 Nova!

This 1966 Nova SS is a real documented L79 327/350
H.P. car with Marina Blue/Blue interior, the original
engine, owner history, and the original POP! This car
was sold new at Glove Cities Chevrolet in
Gloversville, New York.

This car has a 15 year-old frame on restoration.