The Early Days
Dave purchased this 1967 SS Chevelle
in 1968 at the age of 18. At the time the
car was less than a year old, and while
Dave had several nice cars previously,
this was probably the one that sparked
his love of '60's era Muscle Cars.

To this day Dave says this was one of
the fastest cars he ever owned!
Dave ordered this 1970 L-78 with
TH-400 Nova new from McQuillan
Chevrolet of Erie, Pa in late 1969.
Dave tells the story of going to the
dealership to order this car and
asking if he could get it without an
engine because the 396/375 h.p.
wasn't big enough for his needs!!

The car was infamous on the streets
of Erie and the surrounding area,
making a name for itself as a car to
avoid if you wanted to keep your

This car remains in Erie to this day.