About Dave
Dave was born in Erie, Pa and came of age during the "Detroit Muscle Car
Wars" of the 1960's. By the time he was 18 he had owned several cars that
could be considered hot rods, cars of the late 50's and early 60's, with
souped-up engines, mag wheels, jacked-up suspensions, etc. Then the day
came when the first GTO arrived in Erie. It just happened to be owned by one
of Dave's best friends, and Erie's own Muscle Car Wars had begun! The little
town would never be the same.

Never one to be out done, Dave just had to have the baddest street car he
could find. His first real venture into Detroit's factory muscle started with an
1967 396/350 h.p. SS Chevelle he bought used in 1968.

The Chevelle soon took it's place among the top street racers of Erie and the
local hang outs around State Street. But, as is often the case, fast is never
enough, and Dave wanted more!

In November 1969, Dave drove down to McQuillan Chevrolet in Erie and placed
an order for a new 1970 Big Block Nova. The story goes that he actually tried to
order the car without an engine or paint! Upon learning that wasn't possible, he
checked the box for RPO L-78, and the 396/375 Nova with a column shifted
Super TH-400 arrived in January 1970.

Most people would have been disappointed about receiving their brand new
muscle car in the midsts of an Erie winter, but not Dave, as the long wait for
spring meant more time to prepare the car for it's tire shredding debut.

Within days of bringing the Nova home, Dave ripped it's heart out for a little
mechanical magic!  Of course, purist today would cringe at the thoughts of
re-working such a pure muscle car, but that's the way it was "back in the day."
By spring the car was ready to take as many pink-slips that would come its way.

Throughout his twenties Dave would own other Muscle Cars, but they would
eventually give way to 4x4 trucks, Buick Riviera's, Lincoln's, speed boats and a
lot of time devoted to his construction business.

Fast forward to the mid '80's. A client of Dave's, being a little short on cash,
offered a 1967 RS/SS Camaro as partial payment for a debt owed and the
spark was re-ignited. The Camaro followed Dave to Southern California, and for
awhile it seemed as though Dave's passion for fast '60's Muscle Cars would be
satisfied. Fortunatley, that wasn't the case, and after exploring a few Corvettes
and other Muscle Era cars, Dave began his quest for the top quality Muscle
Cars he's known for today.

Since renewing his interest in Muscle Cars, Dave has bought and sold many fine
cars, often keeping the best of the best for his own stable. The first "keeper" in
his current collection being the Fathom Green 1969 L-78 Camaro seen within
these pages.

His days of tearing engines out of brand new Muscle Cars now just a hazy
memory, Dave is now dedicated to returning these great cars to their "as new"