First and foremost, I thank my big brother for allowing me to honor his
car collection on this website. THANKS DAVE!!!!

Overall Web Design: Marty Lindsley (with a lot of help) Thanks to all!

Photography & Media: Rich Truesdell,
Dave Lindsay/SoCalCarCulture, Tony T-Bone Colombini/Blacktop,
Taki, Marty Lindsley & Dave Lindsley

Carboards: Dave Lindsay.

Restorations: Sal Perez and the entire crew of
American Muscle Cars Inc.

Music: Paul Revere & The Raiders and the Beatles.

Bird & Donna Lindsley: For allowing Dave & I to pursue our passions (Like spending countless hours
working on cars, going to shows & working on websites). Thanks girls!

Detroit: No explanation needed!

Special Thanks To:

Jim Gessner for research, knowledge and continued support.
Mike Crown  for his expertise and knowledge.
Kent DeBord owner of
Aliso Foreign Car and a Righteous 1970 LS6 Chevelle, who helps keep all of the  
cars running the way they should.
Tony T-Bone Colombini &
Blacktop Magazine.
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