1969 L-78 Nova
It's often been said that "you can't go home again." But
for Dave this 1969 L-78 Nova is as close as it gets. Not
only is this Nova very similar to the one he ordered new in
November 1969, with it's 375 h.p./396 cu. and Super TH
400 tranny and bench seat. But this car actually started
life in Upstate New York less than an hour from Dave's
home town of Erie, Pa., where it remained into the '80's
before finding it's way to SoCal.

Since Erie was the place to be on a Friday & Saturday
night for street racing in '69 & '70, it's VERY likely Dave
or one of his buddies met this car on some local street
for a little light-to-light action. Even if Dave lost then it
don't matter, 'cause he's got the pink slip now!

The Nova was featured in the November 2008 issue of
Cars & Parts Magazine.

The car is currently under going a full restoration at
American Muscle Cars Inc. to bring the car up to Dave's
meticulous standards.