1969 L-78 Camaro
This could well be considered the car that started
the collection of cars you'll find on this site.

Originally bought as a "donor" car, a check of
the of the VIN and block codes soon showed that
this car was a SUPER rare L-78 Camaro!

Once it was realized how rare the car was it
underwent an extensive restoration at
Muscle Cars, Inc.
When completed it became the
first "keeper" in Dave's collection, and remains
as one of the "Special Ones" to this day.

Just as important as the L-78 option was, it's
what this car DOESN'T have that makes it stand
out. Radio delete, heater delete (by owner) and
stripe/trim delete. This car was ordered for one
reason: To BLOW the doors off all comers.

The "Night Stalker" has won numerous awards
and has been featured in several magazines
including a full "Restoration Profile" in the
September 2007 issue of
Hemming's Muscle
This article led to the car being listed
by Hemmings as one of the Muscle Machines of
the Year for 2007. The car was also featured in
the Winter 2001 and Winter 2002 issues of
Camaro Performers.
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