1966 L-72 Biscayne
The above pictures are from before the car went into the shop for it's new DAY 2 look.
But just look at her NOW!!!!!! Back to the way the car would have been in it's
glory days of racing.
When you maintain a collection of nearly a dozen quality muscle cars, there's likely to be at least one lurking in the shadows
waiting it's turn to make it's way into the spot light. This is that car. But, it's what's in those shadows that you should fear the
most! This is that car. Possibly the rarest of all the cars in Dave's collection, this is one of only a known handful of L-72
(427/425 hp) Biscaynes. GM built this car for one sole purpose, to do battle with those nasty Hemi's.

The Biscayne has recently made its debut as a "Day Two" car, now looking as it would have in its race days. It is scheduled for
a full restoration in 2010.